Split pane or sliding pane

Was there any previos discussion of splitting the screen?

So, to open a link in the right pane, not in separate windows? (That could also be Markdown preview mode).

Sometimes one needs to see notes side-by-side.

Alternatively, a sliding pane mode would be awesome.


No it wasn’t really discussed. It wouldn’t be very easy to implement. The excuse I have given myself not to do panes (because the complexity of doing this properly) is that you can use windows side by side too. Or a browser that supports splits natively, like Vivaldi for instance.

Even when you use the PWA app? (I don’t use it, just curious)
And what about on mobile?

But okay, I think previewing an other page would be a compromise to live with.

But honestly, I think splitting is a must have in the long run.

Yes, in PWA mode you can also create new windows. And on mobile (phones at least) you don’t really have physical space for panels. On iPads you do, and there you can use the OS’ native split views again.

But changing windows is a pain, and not easy to fire up with keyboard.

But yes, I know it can be also a pain to handle multiple CodeMirror windows, but I think it adds value…