Starting out today

Hi all, I’ve just installed Silver Bullet on my Chromebook successfully. I’m totally new to this, so happy to find it was fairly easy to install.

I won’t be attempting to set up sync with my phone as I don’t have an easy solution for hosting it anywhere.

Anyway just thought I’d say hello, and looking around this place it seems very overwhelming - so much to learn and get to grips with.

Does anyone have any advice for a newbie???


Hello and welcome! When you say you installed it on your chromebook, I’m assuming you installed it on some server and accessing it from your Chromebook, correct?

Either way, take it easy. Just start using it, have a look at the (incomplete) Manual and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks! Nope, I installed it on my Chromebook using the Linux container. It works fine.

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It’s a PWA, so get it running on your Chromebook, access your Chromebook’s IP from your phone’s browser (e.g. - the .5 bit will probably be different for you - you need to find your Chromebook’s internal IP address). Once you’re there and logged in, click the little arrows at the top of the Silverbullet UI to turn on sync mode.

And there you go, offline notes that are synced. You can turn your Chromebook off, but bear in mind, it will only sync when your Chromebook is switched back on and the Silverbullet server is running on there.

Then, if you have an iPhone, hit the share button at the bottom middle, scroll down to ‘Add to Hom Screen’. Now Silverbullet looks like a native app! I’m certain you can do the same thing on Android, but I’m not sure how :slight_smile:

I started with Zef’s YouTube videos. I enjoyed watching them and learnt a lot. It pushed me from being ‘this seems ok, but I’m not sure it’ll replace my other notes app i’ve been using for x years’, to ‘i now have hundreds and hundreds of notes in Silverbullet’ :smiley:


Wow, this would be great - but I’ve tried it and it’s not working. I’ve entered my Chromebook’s ip on my phone (including :3000) - “refused to connect”…

OK - so I reinstalled SilverBullet on my Chromebook using docker. Why I tried it with deno first time around I have no idea. And now it works on my phone as well. Hooray! Thanks so much.