Suggestion to Rolodex Card index rolling

I’m playing with SilverBullet and I’m loving it.

Now I have a lot of info that ca be useful to browse in a Rolodex Card manner, so I have written this template:

{{#let @p = {page where tags = "Blog"}}}
{{#let @index = 8}}
[<<-] {{@index}} [->>]
name:   {{at(@p, @index).name}} 
title: {{at(@p, @index).title}} 
descr:  {{at(@p, @index).description}} 
event: {{at(@p, @index).event}} 
Tags:   {{at(@p, @index).tags}} 

Now i’m stuck in the problem to increment and decrement the index variable simply by clicking on the [<<-] and [->>] that in my exaple are only placeholder.

Can you give me a suggestion?



This probably won’t work with just a template and needs a space-script.

Please can you give me hints how to write a space-scrpt to increment/decrement a variable?