Synchronization via Google Drive?

Has anyone tested or used a configuration like the following: two computers, let’s say one personal and one work, both with SB installed for local access to files and databases, and these files and databases are synchronized via, for example , Google Drive? Would it be doable?

Yes, you could do it, even though it feels a bit reversed - a lot of the appeal of SilverBullet for me is that it does the sync. I would expect some inconveniences when you do it using Google Drive. Also unusual how people put a lot of effort to get off Google services and you’re taking a self-hostable app there.

Let me pitch a nicer idea: you follow one of the Guides to get network access to your instance protected with a strong password and you’re good to go also on your work computer.

Bonus: you don’t have to install anything extra at work, you don’t care if they switch your work computer for a different one, and you can access the notes from your phone as well

Are you sure you want to do Google Drive still?

Fine, if you are reeeally sure you need it, do the following on each computer:

  • install the Drive client
  • make it sync some local folder, so they are regular files on your computer
  • install SilverBulllet locally (instructions on the main page)

When you want to open your notes:

  • start silverbullet in the terminal and pass the path of the synced folder
  • visit the page shown (Ctrl+click on the address may work)

I just tested this with OneDrive, but I expect it to be the same for any mainstream cloud service

I really didn’t want to do the “No, ackchyually…” post, but your question sounded very open-minded :smiling_face: I remember it took me a while to wrap my head around all the cool stuff I could do with this app


Dear Maarrk, thank you for your detailed and generous contribution.

The reason I remembered about synchronization via Google Drive was because I’m afraid of encountering difficulties that, for me, may prove insurmountable in terms of having to work with a server, managing backups, concerns about security, etc.

I really recognize that this “solution” would be very strange, since SB is self-hosted.

Anyway, I’ll take the plunge and check out the Installation Guide you suggested.

No, I’m not sure I still want to go the Google Drive route :))

Thank you very much!

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I actually put my storage path to a google drive synced path. So far no problems, but only a couple of days in.

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An update on this for future interested parties. I got a “Database malformed” error today, when moving to another computer. I don’t know if the GD sync is the cause of this, but certainly it’s not encouraging.

SilverBullet generates some internal database files, specifically .silverbullet.db that you may want to try to exclude from sync.