The Search function does not support Chinese characters

I self hosted the silverbullet on my centos, and using deployed syncthing to sync all files to my synology NAS (everything works well), so I want to replace my trilium note, but I suddenly found the silverbullet doesn’t support Chinese Characters searching[Ctrl-shift-f].

I think the reason might be that the search is only matching full words (between spaces), which I assume doesn’t work the way you need for Chinese language. When I search a full phrase it does work for me (same with Polish diacritics).

I suppose the Search Plug could be changed to optionally do “dumb” search, just looking for a substring of characters without any of this tokenization logic.

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Thanks for your response. You’re right, it seems only works with whole sentence or phrase separated with space, comma,stop, et al.
As you mentioned the phrase"我不会说中文“, we need to search any one or two or more characters,such as “我”,“不会”,“我不会”,“会说中”, et al.
I have tried a few more note taking apps, such as dokuwiki, mediawiki, wiki.js, boostack, trilium, logseq, obsidian, siyuan, roamedit, remote, OneNote, Evernote, simplenote, synology note, et al. I prefer self hosted, webpage based, then I found silverbullet, the only thing bothered me is the search function not supported well in Chinese. I hope this issue could be solved.

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I have the same need, it would be great if I could configure the options myself, thank you very much :grinning:

I am not familiar with any codes, I paste the code of search function into Google Gemini, which also could not give any useful suggestion, but only tell me to transfer Chinese phrase to PinYin(similar to alphabet letters) for searching, which will be inaccurate and painful.