Towards 0.8.0

It’s been a while since I did a release, and some good stuff has been accumulating on Edge in the last month or so.

A reasonable list is (as always) available on CHANGELOG

One thing that may be breaking current user’s workflows is that the “Template Picker” has now been renamed to “Meta Picker” and the keyboard shortcut for it has changed (it’s now Ctrl-Shift-k and Cmd-Shift-k). Functionally it’s similar to the template picker, but it now also shows pages tagged with #meta, which is a more experimental idea: Meta Pages

Let me know what you think


Attachment indexing has me very excited! This was the one thing really holding me back from moving my work notes out of Obsidian.

Also looking forward to meta picker. Plenty of pages I’d love to hide from page picker.

Thanks Zef and all contributors!

Looking forward to seeing meta pages! I posted asking if there was a way to do this just before I realised you’re working on it already! :slight_smile:

New feature on Edge: Transclusion


I love this!

Good to see you here again @nikolasdi !

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Waow, nice to see we have transclusion now!

I am happy to be here and away from discord :grin:

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Closing this, since 0.8.0 (and 0.8.1) has since been released.