Using for a commercial knowledge base?

Hi all,

We’re currently using a WordPress plugin for our knowledge base at work. It’s our help system for our customers.

I don’t like WordPress in general. The knowledge base had nice features, particularly a solid, live search tool. However, it isn’t being updated, and I’d like to get more control over it.

As such, silverbullet has been on my radar, and I’m ready to look deeper.

So I guess I wanted to see what the community think. Would this be a good fit for a customer facing help system / knowledge base?

I’m also guessing I’d have to cron job backups etc, as it’s self hosted, but that’s fine.

Also I’d need our team to be able to log in, edit, save pages but not publish them yet until finished. That’s a consideration. Can a page be withheld from live view until ready to be published? I guess if it wasn’t linked from anywhere, then it could not be found. Maybe tagged as unfinished or similar?

Thanks so much.