What does your Index page look like?

I’ve been playing around with Silverbullet for the last few days and I love it! One thing that I’ve been tinkering around with (maybe too much but it’s fun) is my Index page. Initially I just went with a blank page, but quickly I realized I could customize it to show something useful, so after many revisions I ended up with this:

It should show you something like this:

Basically, a list of tags (clickable, each with a tagged page count) and recent pages (with creation date and tags).

What are you using as an Index/Home page?


I’ll post mine later, but I need to clean it up a bit.

Generally there a few sections:

  • Ongoing projects: these are just links to other pages of stuff I currently have going on
  • Next tasks. My system is to make everything immediately actionable as a task with #next, so it appears here
  • Inbox: all quick notes that still live in Inbox/ and still need processing
  • Last modified: effectively page order by lastModified desc rendered as links.

My personal instance’s index is not worth sharing as it just have 3 or 4 sections with the topics I am interested about right now, like: Linux, Music, or things like that.
I access everything through the Page picker.

The one at work is more polished:

  • Main pages to all the main pages I need on a regular basis.
  • Next Actions
  • Tasks for the rest of the non-next tasks
  • Recently updated


This is what my index page looks like.
The topics are hand-picked and vary from time to time.


Ah, lot of emoji enthusiasts. Love it :blush:

Thanks for posting these @zamuz , I had difficulty figuring out some queries and your solutions helped me a lot.

I used your “Recent pages” almost as-is, but reduced the item count and added a link to “All recents” view, with more recent items.