When changing status on a task, update all indented sub-tasks to match

Sometimes I make task lists with hierarchical subtasks:

- [ ] parent task
  - [ ] child task 1
    - [ ] child task 1.1
  - [ ] child task 2

It would be nice if all nested child tasks would update automatically to match the parent when status changes. I imagine at least part of this could be accomplished with Space Script, especially if task Checkbox clicking hook gets implemented … but it kinda feels like it would make sense as a built-in feature too.

This also is a candidate for the upcoming feature of letting users parse custom attributes from tasks. You could add a “children” field to a task with that

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Hi there

I would actually not like this feature. When I use task lists in Silverbullet, I really appreciate the freedom it gives me. Some times I have a parent task with child tasks, where I know the parent task has stuff left to do, but I haven’t defined this enough to write down tasks for it. Having the parent be marked as complete would be counter-productive for me.

Hi Patrik, what you’re describing sounds like the reverse of what I’m suggesting. I agree that there could be times that child tasks are complete but the parent task should remain incomplete. I don’t want the parent task to be updated automatically based on child task(s). I’m suggesting that if I intentionally change the status of a parent task, all the child tasks below it should be updated to the same status. So if a parent task has 5 subtasks, and 2 of them are currently marked complete. If I check off the parent task as complete, I want the remaining 3 child tasks to also be updated to complete as well.

And of course, if I get around to tackling this as a Space Script or custom Plug, the whole thing will be optional anyway. :slight_smile: