Who’s using markdown preview?

In the pre-live preview days I had the markdown preview pane open al lot. In the last year or so, I’ve never opened it once. Primarily because the editor is effectively the preview already.

Do people use the markdown preview pane still and if so: what for?

Could it perhaps be… removed?

I’ve never really used it for the same reasons as you. I’ve even started to use a non-monospace font, which makes the difference even smaller (Which btw is still not perfect, but works pretty well).
We could just move it into it’s own repository as it’s just a plug and archive it or mark it as deprecated so the code/idea isn’t lost if anybody wants to keep working on it/use it with the bugs it has.

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I only used it because I accidentally hit the hotkey one day. The only thing I could see myself using it for is to copy out formatted notes into a word doc etc, but that is a rare thing for me.

There’s a “Share: Page or Selection” command and a copy as rich text option especially for that use case (which I do use a lot myself).

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I only also found it by accident. vscode muscle memory still wants to search files with ctrl+p.
might be useful when you want to share page in clean markdown as a preview?

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I’m sure we’ll be able to find an alternative use of that keyboard shortcut. Good ones are hard to come buy (Update: Freudian typo).

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On purpose: never. But constantly opening it thanks to muscle memory from Sublime.


I also only use the markdown preview accidentally thanks to ctrl+p/cmd+p.

It’d be nice to have the option, but I like the idea of moving it out of the core code and into a new plug.

Another option I sometimes wish I had is a ‘read-only’ mode where the editor switches to basically the markdown preview view and you’d have to click a button to switch back to the editor again.

Would it be possible to extract this out to a Plug? If so, maybe that would be worth it for folks who use it, and it would also help to battle test the Plugs API.

Personally, like nvkv & justyns, I too have only opened it accidentally :upside_down_face:

I’ve been using silverbullet since January and in my case I didn’t even know it existed.
I just found out.
For me, the editing mode is already the preview.

Ok, let me see what I do with this. Code wise it’s rather tiny, because the whole markdown rendering engine is used also for parts of implementing live preview. Perhaps it’s more about freeing up the Ctrl-p/Cmd-p keyboard shortcut than actually removing it.

The existing editor is already a kind of preview in that fenced code blocks are replaced by their output when the cursor moves on. If only yaml would also disappear when it’s not needed…

I’m not using it either, having just the editor is sooo much better.

The times I opened it were actually attempts to print

Hello, I don’t use Control+P. Reason: viewing is functionally related to printing and it does not work properly. I transfer the page text to World using the copy/paste function. Also, when viewing, images generated by plugins are not displayed (I previously wrote about the problem with Mirmaind on the forum). Working with rich, high-resolution texts is still a pleasure. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I personally never used the Markdown renderer.
The edit view does a perfect job for me