Appreciate Post: Thanks for this awesome work

Hi everyone,

Stumble across SB today from HN’s post and I love it how straight forward this meet my requirement and I’m so amazed by the extensibility of Silver Bullet. Thanks for this amazing work.

Besides, I wonder how people without Knowledge in JavaScript and Web developing can involve in this project? My tech stack is mainly at python and cpp so seems not easily to contribute to the project.

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Hello @LumenYoung and thanks for the kind words. Out of interest what HN post are you referring to? There was one some months ago, not sure if it resurfaced recently. I have 0 tracking on the website so little ability to find out :smiley:

As to, how you can help: How you can help

Hi @zef, thanks for the reply. It is not a post on SB rather one of the comment summarize on what similar projects exist and I had a look at all of them.

see here

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