How to debug or get error message for space scripts

Hi everyone,

I had a working space script which suddenly stops functioning. The bestguess would be some leakage of characters in the Codemirror vim mode corrupts the script.

Yet without error message or proper lsp support from the editor, it is extremely hard to spot the corrupted bits from a snippet composed of several functions.

I wonder is there a way to get the error messages for space script? I check the console which doesn’t output anything.

I think we’re fairly limited in what we can offer here in terms of tooling — this is not a full-blown IDE nor will it ever be.

Can you share the space script you’re working on, or if you suspect it’s vim mode related, can you disable vim mode and see if that changes anything?

Hi @zef,

Thanks for the reply. I think I didn’t describe the problem so clearly.

Basically the CodeMirror vim mode is kind of flawed, it sometimes would not perform the comand rather insert the respective character directly in the normal mode ( e.g. when I press G I expect to go to the end of the page but sometimes it will directly insert G under my cursor).

The problem I described is exactly like this, I suspect that such unexpected operation corrupts my script with some additional character not intended and hard to find out by naked eyes.

I managed to find the error manually, which was syntax error caused by a missing comma. But what I want was only the diagnoise/error stack information so I can locate the error more conveniently.