Making a template where all tags are listed and clickable

Hi, I am trying to make inline template. The goal is having a list with all available tags. I am running into 2 issues.

  1. I am unable to distinct the results, like in SQL.
  2. The page name go to a new (empty) page.

currently I am doing this:

{{#each {tag}}}

Is this possible?

How about

{{#each {tag select name order by name}}}
  - #{{name}}

It’s worth noting that query results are automatically deduplicated based on the attributes you select. So indeed, the query tag select name would give you a unique list of tag names. If you’d like to select only tags applied to pages, you can also use something like tag where parent = "page" select name


Perferct, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for this and the great project.