Tiniri: a theme for SilverBullet (well, a CSS hack really)

Happy I found SilverBullet! So I found no “themes” or “color schemes” for SilverBullet. So I thought I’d hack my own. I maintain a set of themes called Tiniri, and I wanted to apply the same style to SB. Here’s how I did it:

I paid attention to reuse CSS variables as much as possible, so it can be a good basis for other themes.

Dark mode supported too:

In case you’re curious, other Tiniri themes: https://tiniri.vlad.studio/

That’s really cool, but are you aware of Space Style ? This should allow for the same thing (I think?) without requiring a browser extension.

As you can guess, I did not know about Space Styles! I searched for “theme” and “scheme” but not “style”. Thanks for the hint!

P.S. Do I just paste the CSS code on any page? The documentation does not say anything about it. I tried pasting it into SETTINGS page and it worked, but I found it a bit confusing.

Thanks again.

Yes, any page (except templates) will work.

Found this little bit helpful, in Safari there were scroll bars around the word Command and to remove them I added this set of css lines.

/* fix safari scroll bars in Open and Run Command */
.sb-modal-box .cm-scroller > .cm-content > .cm-line{display: unset; line-height: 1.9 !important;}

added, thanks for the suggestion!

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